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Next time you open a can of Coke, Red Bull or beer, give some thought to the precise little device that makes the can so easy to open. That pull-ring cap was invented back in the 1960's by Dayton Reliable Tools (DRT) Mfg. Co. and has been energising the drinks market ever since.

DRT’s German subsidiary has been supplying the European metal packaging market with tools and spare parts for the production of easy-open end parts (as the pull-ring cap is correctly known) and doing contract manufacturing of precision components for over a quarter of a century. For more than 20 years, Makino’s precision machining centres have been reliable partners at the DRT plant in Braunschweig, Germany.



Stamping punch for Red Bull
Stamping die for Red Bull
Makino V33 vertical machining centre

Running smoothly since 2001 

Nothing documents the reliability of this partnership more impressively than the Makino V33 vertical machining centre (VMC) at that plant. Production leader Andreas Krökel is a very satisfied customer: “Our V33 has been running smoothly since 2001, is still delivering the precision for which Makino is renowned, and even has its original spindle!

“Back then, High Speed Milling (HSM) technology was just coming in and this V33 has certainly proved to be a lucky choice for us as it’s just kept running and running. But probably the most important benefit for us has been that it’s still machining within a tolerance range of ±0.01 mm.”



Ergonomic handling

CEO Peter Müller is highly appreciative of the partnership with Makino and the accuracy of the Makino machining centres: “Precision is something we’re so used to from Makino we simply take it for granted.” But it was another quality of the Makino F9 vertical machining centre that impressed him right from the start: “My operators had some handling issues with our older vertical milling machines and when I looked at the F9, I was particularly impressed by its ergonomic qualities, especially with respect to loading.”

Now he has persuaded the parent company in Dayton, Ohio, to invest in a fleet of Makino F9's. Peter Müller knows what counts in order to stay competitive in the global machine-tools market: “Our customers want tools that offer excellent value for money – not cheap tools but ones of high quality at a good price. So it’s vital for us to employ the latest machining technologies to remain competitive. And in this respect the Makino F9 is the right answer for milling applications.”

Makino F9 vertical machining centre

High-precision machining

“The Makino EDNC 30 is a good example of what do in high-precision machining,” Peter Müller adds. At DRT in Braunschweig this sinker EDM is used to produce fine-cutting tools like the punches required for manufacturing the patented pull-ring caps. “The EDNC 30 works to tolerances of around 5 μm and a die clearance of 0.02 mm. That is just what we need.” The reliability and precision of the Makino machines have played their part in enabling DRT’s German subsidiary to energise the European market for high-precision tools and parts. When you next pull open a can and pour yourself a drink, take a closer look at the precision of that easy-open end part.

Stamping punch and electrode

"We can produce big and small components on it, all of the same high quality, and deploy the V33 to make a wide variety of components we used to need several machines for. It’s mainly high-alloy tool or Powder Metalurgical steels we’re working with and the V33 always produces extremely high surface qualities. What’s more, Makino’s temperature management system ensures it delivers great precision, even over long machining periods. One big challenge was that we need two measuring systems, centimetres and inches, on the V33 because we have customers from the metric and imperial worlds. It was a tricky challenge but by closely cooperating with Makino we came up with a great solution."

- Peter Müller, CEO, Dayton Reliable Tools GmbH & Co. KG


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